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01/05/16: Thank you David and Winalee

Once again we have had another successful Tai Chi workshop in Lansing. On behalf of all of the participants Aspen and I would like thank Sifu David Leung for traveling all this way to guide us in the workshop. I know that there was disappointment in the canceling of dinner with Master Leung on Saturday evening, but everyone was very understanding in light of the travel mishaps that resulted in David arriving without sleep for 24hr. This was also an additional disappointment for Sifu Leung in that we were unable to raise money for the Lansing Food Bank as we always did with the dinner. David decided that he would donate more than 20% of the net proceeds from the workshop to the food bank.

At the same time, Winalee Zeeb requested that we should also donate the money we set aside for space rent, of HeartDance Studio, to the food bank. Between the two of them this provided for a sizable donation of $400 that will go to the Lansing Food Bank on behalf of the workshop. Thank you both so very much for your love and generosity.

In recent times, we have been made uncomfortable aware of those within our society that are driven by hate and self-interest. Sometimes it seems like the culture that is created by them is unstoppable, but I do believe that if we can work together, to sow generosity and love, we will be able to create a circle of light that can help to mitigate most, if not all of the damage caused by these individuals.

Much thanks to David and Winalee, for feeding the Light!
Posted by: Tim

05/04/11: One Stick Of Pasta

one stick of pasta, so brittle, so hard
into the pot I place its ridged form
boiling and hot the water will caress
creating softness where hardness held firm
but resistance still remains deep within

and so the struggle within will continue
yielding outside, resisting inside
in a beautiful dance the water and
pasta mesmerize the silent watcher
sticking to the wall perfection is found

firm and supple, yielding and sticking
if I could be that one stick of pasta
Posted by: Tim