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Poems by Aspen Bernath-Plaisted

A Rich Life


did you think that life would be
a piece of cake
chocolate fudge cake
just waiting to sooth
and caress
and sweetly sterilize
or disenfranchise
the rich thick expanding
and contracting life
by erasing countless views of reality
conflicting and confusing explosions of contradictions
convoluted and refusing to be pureed

i myself would suggest
a slice of strawberry rhubarb pie
in which the tongue welcomes
the stringent stalks
of beautiful green maroon
delightfully adorned with strawberry juices
not too saucy
as to make one forget the rhubarb in life
but urges one to celebrate and savor
the sweet and sour illustrations
of a rich life
for they are what we learn to cherish
in a most remarkable way

Aspen 11-7-2010

Posted by: Aspen

The Way of Stillness


there is an unspoken language
that resonates in the times
of great stillness

more than quiet
it is quietude
an inner attitude

that allows the vast waters
of the rolling waves of an ocean
to wash away all traces of the ego

thus granting passage through which
the eternal oneness can emerge
in new waves of comfort and joy

that softly radiates the sun's warm rays
of unwavering love which melts away all remaining echoes
of perceived struggles from previous moments of existence

it is the way of stillness...

Aspen 11-21-10

Posted by: Aspen

Big Expansive Questions


there is an irony found in being human
with a big eternal spirit
fitted within the limits and confines
of a standard small human body
that is not equipped to absorb the totality
of all that is

energetically only able to digest and utilize
trace aspects of infinite energy and wisdom
and thus sustain our rather sensitive electrical systems
or perhaps the breath of life

and yet this bigger picture of life
the big expansive questions of life and death
finds us and sinks its teeth into us
and charges us to move forward
if only on tiptoes or with baby steps
towards new answers, at least new to us

to awaken sleepy knowledge
but not too much
for one does not want to dampen the spirit of faith
that is essential to inspiration to stir the heart’s mind
encouraging each in their own way
to take a walk through the labyrinth of insights and peace
it would seem we are weighted down by such limits
and yet the irony itself suggests we are meant to be freed

Aspen 5-25-11

Posted by: Aspen

The Gift Remains


blue sky before me
captures my eye
the windows dissolve

there is no hurry
even the mingling plumes of clouds
stand still

there is only peace
though my heart is not quiet
it insists on singing

the sun on my right
adds pleasure to my muscles gently stretching
as a cat awakens from its slumber

there is no hurry
though the sun does not state the intent
for how long it shall stay and bless me in this way

it does not matter
what is done is done
and cannot be taken away

that is the gift of freely giving
and freely receiving…
the gift remains

Posted by: Aspen

I Pray Everyday


I pray everyday
Sometimes with tears
Over years, many years
Please help me know you,
The big You, the all You
The everything, loving, divine, and sublime You.

I pray in the way
That I hope
Helps me find you.
With candles and music
And ways that enshrine You.

The You that is part me
And lives deep inside me
The You that defines me
And never defiles me.

The You that is larger than life
In all ways.
The You that finds peace
Hidden deep within strife
With a well that is flowing and
Honors all life.

Aspen 1-27-2010

Posted by: Aspen

Resurrection Lives in Me


it is hard to gleefully embrace the bitter colds in spring
when one has grown so weary
and expects so very much
and refuses to behold the lovely mural
of winter bringing spring
without which spring simply could not hold or bring
the power and the gifts
that it truly is to me

found in thawing opaque waters
slowly plotting to break through
baring witness for all to see the wonders
as the blue sky sunny presence
spreads its’ warmth and brilliant hue
giving glimpses rare and deep below
in places where the seekers seek
but somehow seldom know

it is hard to match the beauty of this contradicting time
with tulips peaking through the ice
and trying to survive
the nibble of the rabbits
frantically waiting for this time
with the sparkling ice diamonds
profoundly glittering
amongst the tops of trees
inviting resurrection
as ultimately
resurrection lives in me

3-25-11 Aspen
Posted by: Aspen

Holy Water and Spirit of The Wind


i am not offended by the April rains
nor by grandmother wind’s announcement
that it is time for her to carry away
and disperse old energies

i say bravo
please come and do as you may
for there is much
work to be done

please cleanse for renewal
for these are changing times
and true to the spirit of the wind
it is indeed time

time to take a long deep breath in
then sigh in sweet release
i do remember hearing once in a ceremonial dream
“ it is time to release that which is meant to be released
and to receive that which is meant to be received”
i say Amen to this

the fresh rainwater understands this language
for it speaks to them innately
about that which they already know
to be the truth of their purpose
they understand this gift

so send down if you will
your tiny droplets of hope
as you promise to renew and nourish all those in need
now add your crystal sparkle to preserve onto this earth
that which is dearly holy

aspen 4-11-11
Posted by: Aspen